Bolt and M-KOPA Collaborate To Introduce An Electric Motorcycle Fleet in Kenya

Bolt, a prominent on-demand mobility provider in Africa, and M-KOPA, a prominent fintech platform in the continent, jointly announced the arrival of Bolt's electric bike fleet in Kenya. Both new and experienced drivers will be able to lease ROAM and Ampersand electric motorbikes for less money through this partnership than what the going rates are. According to Bolt, this calculated action is a major step forward in the company's commitment to increase driver earnings by cutting market operating costs and moving toward environmentally friendly urban mobility, which is in line with international efforts to mitigate climate change.

Within the next three years, 5,000 electric motorcycles will be made available as part of the new initiative. According to Bolt, the rollout is in line with Kenya's National E-mobility Policy, which was just introduced and aims to encourage domestic EV assembly and manufacturing. These electric bikes are a cost-effective substitute for conventional cars, allowing drivers to maximize profits while minimizing costs. They also emit no tailpipe emissions and require less maintenance.
"As part of our ongoing efforts to support and empower our drivers, we are excited to introduce our electric bike fleet in partnership with M-KOPA," stated Caroline Weichai, Regional Director of RideHailing Operations, Africa & International Markets. This is a big step forward for Bolt's goal of giving Kenyans access to affordable, environmentally friendly transportation options. In addition to lessening our impact on the environment, we hope to increase driver earnings and strengthen the general economic stability of the communities we serve by utilizing electric vehicles.
"As the leading financier of electric motorbikes in Kenya, we're committed to redefining mobility in Kenya through affordable financing solutions for electric motorbikes, particularly for the underbanked," stated David Damberger, Managing Director of M-KOPA Mobility. Joining forces with Bolt will help us achieve this goal by expanding our reach and assisting more clients in making the switch to sustainable transportation options. Since the establishment of our Mobility division in 2022, we have already achieved significant progress in partnership with ROAM and Ampersand. Now that there are more than 2 million motorcycles on Kenyan roads, it's time to expand our reach as we aim to dramatically improve the environment by lowering carbon emissions and lowering fuel costs, which are crucial components of Kenya's sustainable development.
"Our dual battery system, extensive Roam Hub service network, and at-home and portable charging options empower delivery riders to increase efficiency without worrying about battery depletion," stated Mikael Gange, CCO of ROAM. We are not only advancing sustainability through this strategic partnership with Bolt, but we are also significantly reducing operating costs for Boda riders, having a significant impact where it counts, and building a brighter future for everybody.
"We thank Bolt and M-KOPA for their enthusiasm and confidence in our market-leading electric vehicles and energy network," stated Josh Whale, Founder & CEO of Ampersand E-Mobility Kenya.  The partnership between Bolt, M-KOPA, and Ampersand represents a major advancement for Kenya's ride-hailing and delivery sector. 
Bolt's launch strategy calls for the electric bikes to be first placed in Nairobi, with plans to expand soon. The company aims to establish a transportation ecosystem that is sustainable, inclusive, and advantageous to both users and the environment by means of strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts with local stakeholders. Bolt also introduced a new ride category, dubbed Bolt Green, on its platform. It offers eco-friendly rides as the company moves towards reducing its ecological footprint in Nairobi.

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