Inchcape Launches Changan Auto In Kenya

Changan Auto, a Chinese automaker, now offers fashionable, technologically advanced, and fuel-efficient cars for Kenyan consumers to buy.

Changan unveiled five new high-performance cars—the Oshan SUV, Alsvin sedan, Hunter pickup, Star 5 minivan, and Star 5 mini truck with single and double cabins—along with Inchcape Kenya, its distribution partner.
Changan, one of the top Chinese car brands worldwide with a 160-year history, has already established itself in significant African markets like Angola, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Ghana.
The Changan Group is the fifth-ranked Chinese automobile group as of 2022. It is the highest-selling car in China and the second-ranking independent Chinese brand worldwide.
With rollouts in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Djibouti, Julia Vershinskaya, Managing Director of Inchcape Kenya, disclosed that the partnership was strategic and determined to expand throughout the region.
"The introduction of Changan Auto represents a critical turning point for our business operations in Kenya and abroad. Our aim is to make sure Kenyan customers have an amazing driving experience because we recognize how discerning they are when looking for value. Vershinskaya said, "Our partnership with Changan holds significant strategic value for us."
"We prioritize establishing long-lasting relationships with our OEMs globally as part of our long-term strategy. Chinese OEMs are heavily represented in the Inchcape portfolio due to their growing presence, especially in the EV industry. It is noteworthy that because of our knowledge of the market and experience, Inchcape has more partnerships with Chinese OEMs than any other automotive distributor."
On the other hand, Tom Yin, Vice General Manager of Changan Automotive, pointed out that the five models have advanced technology and safety features specifically designed for Kenyan consumers.
We are excited to present Changan to East Africa, especially Kenya. Our team is committed to improving value and safety while incorporating cutting-edge technology into our cars for the market," he state.
"The models designed with Kenyan consumers in mind offer a great quality-to-value ratio, a 5-year warranty for piece of mind, and are specially made to fit the climate in the region. We are dedicated to providing an unrivaled shopping experience and guaranteeing our valued customers' comfort and safety throughout ownership in partnership with Inchcape Kenya.
Kenyans who are eager to buy or test-drive any of the available Changan models can visit the dedicated showroom located in Nairobi.

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