Kenya's President, inaugurates the largest electric motorcycle assembly plant in East Africa.

As the globe shifts to electric transportation, numerous firms are working hard to guarantee that the African continent does not fall behind. The electric motorbike market has been a main focal area in various African countries.
Since there are already millions of motorcycles with internal combustion engines on the road throughout the continent and some favourable unit economics for switching to electric motorcycles have been demonstrated through several pilot projects throughout the continent, the focus is now on expanding these electrification initiatives. For this transformation to fully pay off, local assembly and production of these electric motorcycles will be essential.
When His Excellency William Ruto, the President of Kenya, formally opened Roam's cutting-edge electric motorcycle assembly plant, Roam Park, the Nairobi-based technology company Roam, which develops, designs and deploys electric vehicles specifically for the African continent, celebrated a significant milestone earlier today. Roam claims that during the inauguration, the president, along by important government officials, toured the huge factory, marvelling at the assembly line's local manufacturing emphasis, the battery labs, and the company's devotion to worker safety.
His Excellency William Ruto's inauguration of Roam Park symbolises an important milestone not just for the enterprise but also for the country as a whole. It illustrates Kenya's desire to embrace a more sustainable future while supporting technical development through investment in local manufacture of electric mobility solutions and, as a result, Kenyans' economic success.
Roam's 10,000-square-meter facility, which overlooks Nairobi National Park, is the largest electric motorbike assembly plant in East Africa, with an annual manufacturing capacity of 50,000 units that will be attained in a few years. The facility realises the common objective of revolutionising urban mobility through electric motorbikes, which provide a sustainable transportation alternative for boda boda and other logistical industries.
As the event came to a close, the President expressed confidence in the facility's potential to encourage innovation and build economic resilience, saying, "I am proud to inaugurate Roam's electric motorcycle assembly plant today. This facility demonstrates Kenya's potential as an African leader in clean transportation solutions. This effort is well aligned with our national aims of reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable energy options. The assembly factory will not only help us achieve our environmental goals, but it will also promote economic growth by generating job opportunities and developing local talent in the automotive sector.”
Roam is one of the firms pioneering the African continent's transformation to sustainable transportation. It was the first firm to offer locally built electric bikes and buses when it was founded in 2017. Roam is now Africa's top provider of electric vehicles, with 200 workers, and was just named a finalist in the Earthshot Prize.
The Roam Air was also recently displayed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Goodwood Festival of Speed is well-known for celebrating speed, innovation, and automotive excellence. Roam's presence is notable since it is the only African electric mobility firm participating at the event, showing the African automotive industry's incredible development and creativity.

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