Kenya Power will invest $331,000 in a test project to switch to electric vehicles

As a means of implementing sustainable ways of doing business, state-owned Kenya Power has announced that it has begun the process of gradually replacing cars that operate on fossil fuels with ones that do.

The corporation, which is responsible for supplying electricity to the nation's final retail consumers, announced in a statement that it has budgeted $331,372 for this fiscal year to support the trial phase of the changeover.
In this initial phase, three electric vehicles, two pick ups and one four-wheel drive as well as three charging stations for them three in Nairobi will be purchased by the company and utilised for public demonstrations and company use.
The report claims that Kenya Power has already issued a request for proposals for the building of an e-mobility network infrastructure system for the initial charging infrastructure, which would support transactions with credit cards and mobile money.
Geoffrey Muli, the company's acting managing director, stated that this move is being made as a sign of the company's intention to significantly decrease its carbon emissions, and that it would also be buying electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers for use in its activities.
We must take responsibility for the fight against global warming by promoting mitigation strategies like the use of electric motorization, he stated.
At the Swedish Embassy in Nairobi, Mr. Muli was giving a speech as electric two-wheelers made by the Swedish company Roam Motors were being introduced to the Kenyan market.
In the medium run, he said, Kenya Power would buy 50 of these electric motorcycles.
Kenya Power stated in the release, The company has also formed a liaison office, which serves as our one-stop shop, to promote the company's e-mobility business. Kenya Power is collaborating with various stakeholders through this office to facilitate the growth of the e-mobility eco-system.

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