16 additional African nations are now on BMW SA's export list

Senegal, Nigeria, Angola, Kenya, and Ethiopia are just a few of the 30 export markets that BMW Group South Africa has now expanded into.

The BMW X3 sporting activity vehicle (SAV) is made by BMW SA at the Rosslyn facility in Tshwane.The factory was built as the premium automaker's first production site outside of Germany and has been producing automobiles since 1968.

After nearly 35 years of producing BMW 3 Series vehicles, the Rosslyn facility began producing the BMW X3 in April 2018. This was the result of an investment of R6.2 billion.

Since 2018, the factory has manufactured more than 300,000 BMW X3s. Currently producing the third-generation X3, the factory has a production capacity of up to 75,000 units annually, 96% of which are exported.

The German group's Spartanburg facility in the US had already supplied the X3s for the newly allotted African markets.

The Director of the BMW Group Rosslyn facility, Johan Mouton, states that the BMW X3 "remains an important vehicle in our global manufacturing network and today, with exports to 16 African markets, it is equally crucial to our success on our continent."

"We have a long-term commitment to the growth of this business and the neighbourhoods it has serviced for nearly 50 years. As a result, we are honoured to have the chance to produce BMW X3 vehicles in Africa for the continent as well.

Peter Van Binsbergen, CEO of BMW SA and sub-Saharan Africa, adds, "The inclusion of 16 significant export destinations is additional proof of the growing trade links within the Southern African Development Community and the broader African Continental Free Trade Agreement region."

I am especially pleased of the BMW X3's ambassador position for both the BMW Group and South Africa as we all have a role to play in promoting greater commercial links on the continent.

Posted on : 18 Jun,2024 | News Source : gdghj.com

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