Carcarbaba, a car-dealing company debuts in Rwanda

Carcarbaba, a Chinese-owned vehicle dealer, has opened in Kigali.

Carcarbaba will represent two major Chinese brands, DONGFENG and WULING, which are sometimes referred to as "China magic vehicles," and both automakers are market leaders in China.
The auto dealership was founded in Rwanda in 2021 with the goal of developing regional vehicle sales and servicing networks across Africa, providing a variety of brands.
Setting footprints in Rwanda, according to Nick Duan, Managing Director of Carcarbaba Rwanda, intends to share Chinese excellent quality automobiles with Rwandan consumers and Africans in general.
"As many of you know, Chinese companies have evolved to good quality, appealing designs, good performance, and dependability over the last few years, and we want to bring such brands here so that customers can benefit from good quality and reliability at accessible rates," he explained. 
Unlike other automobile dealers, Carcarbaba distinguishes itself by providing adequate spare parts and after-sales services once the cars are delivered.
Ernest Bugingo, Sales Manager of Carcarbaba Rwanda, believes that the new company would consider Rwandans' purchasing power and affordability.
The new firm, according to Ernest Bugingo, Sales Manager of Carcarbaba Rwanda, would take into account Rwandans' purchasing power and affordability.
According to Fidele Mutaganira, the Industry Liaison Specialist at Rwanda Polytechnic who represented IPRC Kigali at the launch, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity, Carcarbaba will also collaborate with the well-known technical colleges IPRC in Rwanda to discuss automobile teaching courses.
"This industry will strengthen the Competency Based Curriculum in schools because there will be a relationship where the industry will train students as well as instructors to promote car technology in schools," he said.

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