Good news for SA! Car sales rise, massive increase in exports - Naamsa

 Cape Town - South Africa’s new vehicle sales grew 4.1% in July with a total of 46 719 units sold, reports the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa).

Naamsa reports that domestic new vehicle sales recorded an encouraging improvement led by new car and light commercial vehicle (LCV) sales.  
The organisation reports that 46 719 units sold, an increased of 1849 units or 4.1% from the 44 870 vehicles sold in July 2016.
July 2017 export sales were recorded at 35 486 vehicles, a gain of 6456 units, a massive improvement of 22.2% compared to the 29 030 vehicles exported in July last year.
Improvement all-round
Overall, out of the total reported sales of 46 719 vehicles, an estimated 36 999 units or 79.2% represented dealer sales, 13.8% represented sales to the vehicle rental Industry, 3.9% to government and 3.1% to Industry corporate fleets.  
Passenger car market
The new car market in July 2017 reflects an encouraging turnaround and at 30 826 units sees a gain of 1791 cars or 6.2%, compared to the 29 035 new cars sold in July 2016. The car rental Industry had accounted for an estimated 18.2% of new car sales in July, 2017.
The rental industry share was understated since it excluded data for a number of automotive companies.   
Modest improvement for bakkies
Domestic sales of industry new Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV, bakkies and mini buses at 13 774 units during July 2017, reflect a modest gain of 231 vehicles or an improvement of 1.7% compared to the 13 543 LCVs sold during the corresponding month last year.  
Huge increase in exports
New vehicle exports, as previously anticipated, at 35 486 units during July 2017 reflected a substantial increase of 6456 units or a gain of 22.2% compared to the 29 030 vehicles exported in July last year. The momentum of vehicle exports was expected to improve further over the balance of 2017.
We've included a full statement by Naamsa on the outlook for the SA auto industry as well as a video showcasing vehicle sales in July 2017.

Posted on : 26 Oct,2021 | News Source : ABNews

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