Ethiopia: AU Defence Ministers Impressed With Nation's Automotive Industry

 Participants of the African Union Ministers of Defence meeting on strengthening the capabilities of the AU peacekeeping forces said they are impressed with the activities of Ethiopia's automotive assembly plant.

The Bishoftu Automotive Industry, 45-kms east of Addis Ababa in Bishoftu Town assembles public transportation buses, inter-city buses, heavy duty trucks, pick-ups and SUVs.
Madagascan Defence Minister General Rakotozafy Daminique said having this kind of industry is essential to improving peacekeeping deployment capabilities.
"When we talk about enhancing rapid deployment capability for peacekeeping missions, this [the Industry] is needed to improve the capability of logistics, equipment and transfer technology," he said.
The Industry will help boost intra-Africa trade since countries can purchase such products from Ethiopia, he added.
Zambian Minister of Defence Richwell Siaminene on his part said what Ethiopia has been doing is very encouraging and inspiring to other African states.
Getting these products in the continent will benefit the countries since they can acquire them with low cost compared to the ones imported from out of the continent, he added.
Minister of Basic and Secondary Education of Gambia Fatou Lamin Faye also said it is not only the country that is benefiting from the industry but the continent as well.
Ethiopia is teaching the lesson that Africans can do everything provided that they are committed and confident, she said. "This is an opportunity for all of us to learn from the Ethiopian experience."
Bishoftu Automotive Industry General Manager, Colonel Gebre-Madhin Gebre-Silasse said the visit will create favourable conditions to work together with other countries and promote the industry and its activities to the outside world.
"As they know us very well, it creates a better condition to work together," he said.
The Industry provides Ethiopia the opportunity to deploy overhauled tanks and armored personnel carriers along with military personnel during peacekeeping operations.
Established in 1999 E.C, the Industry was incorporated into the Metals and Engineering Corporation in 2010.


Posted on : 07 Jun,2023 | News Source : ABNews

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