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CREST Oil Europe Ltd

Description:  CREST is one of the youngest European Oil brands, with continued focus to developing and offering a comprehensive range of Oils, Specialties and CARE Products for the Automotive, Industrial and Marine markets across the world. We feel special pride for being closer and more accessible to our customers. Our Sales Strategy evolves from offering the most innovative and the World Class technology Products, effective promotional campaigns and the most convenient services. We are ambitious company and unique Brand, which is supported by our strong values of commitment and integrity towards our Customers, Channel Partners, Suppliers and the general public. The Corporate governance is one of the key elements of our business principles, for which we have the zero tolerance policy. Our ultimate aim is to be a “One-Stop-Supplier” of Lubricating Oils & Greases, Specialties, Auto-CARE products and value added services.
Product Details:  Automotive Lubricants, Engine Oils, Transmission Oils, Passenger Car Motor Oils, Heavu Duty Diesel Engine Oils, Car CARE Products, Moto-CARE Products, Boat-CARE Products, Truck-CARE Products, Industrial Lubes, Marine Lubes
Country:  United Kingdom
Telephone:  +44 7717312982

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