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Description:  Technology Co.\'s ZQYM, Ltd.\'s has been at The Diesel Injection Industry Serving More Within last 30 years. We have professional technical team in this field with rich experience more than 30 years. We are the most promising diesel fuel system test Equipment Company in China so far. We have developed superior quality common rail pump bench, common rail injector bench, HEUI bench, EUP / EUI bench since 2005. Our bench have got good reputation in Chinese Market, and we have been the lead supplier for diesel engine fuel system equipment in china. About 60% Chinese customers chose our equipment and services because our equipment can be fully realized 24 hours non-stop work & accurate data analysis.
Product Details:  Diesel common rail test bench
Address:  4 TH Floor Noble Plaza 269 Qianjin Road Baoan District on Shenzhen China
Country:  China
Telephone:  86-13410541523

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